A Decade... Where it Started and Where We Are Headed

It hasn't been easy and it hasn't come without learning from my mistakes and making many sacrifices. 10 years ago I began my career as a "young entrepreneur". At the age of 19 I started cutting lawns and doing anything landscape related that I figured I could learn from.  

I am super excited to say that my company has developed into what is known today as, PAC Group LTD and we tailor to custom landscape projects that are big or small and commercial snow management. We have provided many services over the years but have found that hardscape designs and innovated landscape creations is what we are truly passionate for.

Some people may remember my starter company, "Green Grass Yard Care". The company was a great kick start to where we are today. I started out as a college student in the Social Service Worker program putting my business first and cutting lawns, trimming hedges and some minor residential snow services. I must admit, it wasn't easy. It was labour intensive and very demanding. Anyone paying for the service had expectations I had to live up to. This meant, no more weekend partying and Sunday lounging. I had to hit the ground running and create something for myself and my future since I knew that the Social Service Worker field wasn't my cup of tea.   

I can admit that those were the days of learning from mistakes. I damaged my first pick up truck while backing up a trailer. I sent the same invoice number to every customer for the first 6 month because I didn't understand my accounting program. I quoted jobs to low which caused me to owe money at the end. I damaged gas lines and water lines. This was all a learning experience that has allowed me to grow my company and most importantly shaped me to be who I am today.  

Putting my past mistakes behind me and moving forward, 2018 is the year we celebrate 10 years in business and focus on continued growth. I am honored to continue to employ locally, purchase locally, create living spaces for friends and families, bring innovative designs and support our local community through our many initiatives you can find on our "Community Involvement" page. 

I look forward to meeting new faces and serving our existing and repeat customers. For more information on how I started my company or to start planning your creative landscape space please contact me directly at pac.group@outlook.com or call 705-255-4544. 

Paul Caputo