The Truth About Artificial Grass

To begin, this subject always makes the hair on Mr. GreenThumb's back stand up and Mr. GreenThumb begins to feel that we are not acting environmentally friendly immediately after reading the subject line. Well, I am not writing to convince you that this product is the way of the world, for everyone or the only landscape option. Both artificial grass and natural have pro and con impacts on our environment but that's not why I am writing this blog. I am writing to educate my followers, friends, customers and potential customers about artificial grass benefits, common questions and cost. 

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Artificial Grass Benefits 

Artificial grass has come a long way since invented in the mid 1960's for sporting applications. The grass we use looks to be real, we can get it in 7 different thread heights and comes with a thatch looking thread (that brown layer of grass embedded near the soil to look real) that keeps you wondering if the grass is real or artificial. 

All of our products come with a 10 year manufacture warranty when installed and maintained by a certified installer.

In the business world you constantly hear the term ROI. I was always nervous to ask our financial counterparts what that abbreviation stood for when used. Your ROI is your "Return On Investment" and luckily with this product your ROI is great. The products initial investment is expensive however, when you take all factors into consideration, the value of artificial grass speaks for itself. Not only, will the product last a lifetime, as you wont have to replace it like you would in comparison to sod but you wont have to spend your nights or weekends maintaining your lawn and with the ever growing cost of water consumption you can forget about in ground sprinklers or any water costs. Lastly, you can avoid smuggling your pesticide from the U.S or purchasing the corn feed crap that attracts birds within a 100 kilometer radius. 

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Common Questions 

Since becoming a certified artificial turf installer I have experienced being asked some very challenging questions. Some questions asked may need to be referred to our manufacture or supplier. Here is a list of some common questions I can answer: 

Q: What happens when the dog goes to the washroom on the product and will it smell overtime? 

A: Artificial grass is perforated which allows for liquid flow to absorb into the gravel compaction layer. You can rinse your turf with water or cleaning products to eliminate any smells which may occur overtime if your dog continues to urinate in the exact same spot (this would happen in any environment). If your pet has a "number 2" on the grass, pick it up like you would regularly do if your pet did that anywhere else. Not to mention, you can say goodbye to those yellow urine spots that you cant seem to get rid of. 

Q. Can my pet dig through the product? 

A. Yes, your pet most definitely can. If your pet digs through your lawn now you can expect the same. However, It would be very difficult for your dog to damage the turf or pull it up as it is spiked and fastened around the perimeter.

Q. Will the sand/salt and winter debris of Northern Ontario damage the lawn? 

A. Salt always plays a factor in the longevity of any product including concrete and steel. We have had turf installed as a commercial application on the busiest Sault Ste. Marie street and the salt has not caused any damage but does require a spring cleaning every year (just like a regular lawn except with a mechanical sweeping device).

Q. What if it the grass becomes damaged from snow services such as plowing? 

A. This is possible but not likely as we try our best to install the turf at ground level or slightly below. If this does occur we can seam a new piece in with little to no visibility of the seam. Seaming glue products are used and are specific to artificial grass installs. 

Q. What if someone throws a cigarette on the plastic threading, can it catch fire? 

A. I love this question because I had the same concern when becoming an installer. To answer the question, no your lawn can not catch fire. The product we install is fire retardant and would take one hell of a fire to cause damage to the product. 


As previously stated, this product is not for everyone or every landscape application. Some may shy away from the product due to the initial investment cost. Artificial turf does come at a hefty penny. Its a premium landscape product which has been engineered to last a lifetime. Here are my thoughts. The product is relatively expensive and is priced at $12-$17 per square foot. But, its important to consider the included cost of your excavation work, prep, aggregates, install, product and don't forget it comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty. I personally think this is a great investment idea for commercial spaces that plan on sticking around at the same location for 10 plus years. I also believe that its a great idea for a residential application if you plan on residing in your home for 10 plus years. If this is a new residential or commercial build I highly recommend that you roll that investment into your mortgage. You will get to enjoy the product and reap the benefits as discussed in my ROI rant. 

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Thanks for reading!!